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Add to Calendar 3/4/21 12:00 3/4/21 13:30 UTC Causal Fairness Analysis Check out this session on the FAccT Hub. https://2021/
Technical / Methods Track

Causal Fairness Analysis

Elias Bareinboim, Drago Plecko, Junzhe Zhang
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Externalities shape the data economy as we experience it. Besides uneven market shares, power asymmetries, and high levels of data sharing, little to no reimbursement to data subjects for their contributions are characteristics of this new market. Data externalities, recently theorized in Microeconomics, offer an explanation for the absence of significant reimbursements for data. In this tutorial, we will introduce models in which data externalities arise. Through a series of case studies, we will expose crucial aspects of the contracting environment that aggravate data externalities and allow participants to develop potential interventions. We aim to both translate insights from Microeconomics for the FAccT community and highlight opportunities for further research directions at the interface of market design, fairness, and accountability.

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