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Add to Calendar 03/04/2021 06:30 PM 03/04/2021 08:00 PM UTC Fairness and Friends Check out this session on the FAccT Hub. https://2021/
Philosophy / Law Track

Fairness and Friends

Falaah Arif Khan, Eleni Manis, Julia Stoyanovich
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Recent interest in codifying fairness in Automated Decision Systems has resulted in a wide range of formulations of what it means for an algorithm to be "fair." Most of these propositions are inspired by, but inadequately grounded in, scholarship from political philosophy. This tutorial aims to correct that deficit. We critically evaluate different definitions of fairness by contrasting their conception in political philosophy (such as Rawls’s fair equality of opportunity or formal equality of opportunity) with the proposed codification in Fair-ML (such as statistical parity, equality of odds, accuracy) to provide a clearer lens with which to view existing results and to identify future research directions. A key novelty of this tutorial is the use of technical artwork to make ideas more relatable and accessible, based on our ongoing work on a responsible data science comic book series, available at

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